Sunday, February 17, 2008

Presidents Weekend

First weekend in a MONTH that I didn't do any any Private Stock work! Wow, 2 whole days and I didn't do any TIES!!!!!! I slept alot (well for me at least) and my whole family was around! Emily came home from school for the long weekend. She too needed the break from all the college work. Her train didn't come in until 11:20pm Friday night. Wow was it hard to stay awake to go pick her up at the train ... but we made it. Emily wanted to do the regular Saturday chores together and that's just what we did. We went to our favorite supermarket, Wegmans. Came home and put all the food away, had lunch and then we were off to the movies. We went to see DEFINATELY MAYBE. What a cute movie - with a political slant! Russ and Gary went to their baseball practice and we all came home to have dinner together.

Today, Sunday we all slept in. We took a ride to Borders to look through magazines, cookbooks, fashion books, and a variety of other stuffs. Too bad there were so many parents with young YOUNG crying babies there! We went next door to Circuit City to look at TV's. We sat in all their barker loungers and looked at all the sets. WOW TV's have really changed over the years. No more big sets in those big consoles! Every TV is flat flat flat! So we left with nothing - from either store!

So it's pouring rain right now. Emily leaves midday tomorrow. I've taken not 1 photo over the weekend. Maybe because I have the winter blues? I just don't know. I've been doing my usual cooking and baking ... tonight we ate chocolate covered strawberries. Last night I made these rich chocolate brownies. I wish I could bake all the time and try all different recipes but not have the food in the house. I need some outlet for all my baked goods.

All righty then, tomorrow it's back to work.

Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!



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Anonymous said...

HI Jane: I'm back. Sorry I've had to go without reding your blogs lately but things have been too hectic and we have had beaucoup trouble getting on line. We really have to look into chaging our service but I just don't have time to think about that lately. I know I've told you but I must tell you again Gary's ties were a hit at the Charlotte show and everyone voted you Miss Congeniality for your delightful personality on the phone and your thoughtfulness sending us all those delicious Biscotti to keep our energy up. They really liked the photos on the bags as well. It really did feel like you guys were with us .Pocket Squares had a huge response at the show. Everyone loved the colors and patterns on the silks.Of course the linen was great in our area as well. I just finished catching up on your blogs. I read them backwards. Kind of a Cahn family 2008 prequel.Lots of fun and hard work!!!!We do appreciate all your efforts. Thanks, Jane#2

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