Monday, December 31, 2007


To you and yours. Wishing you health, wealth, and much happiness for the coming new year.

GO GET'M IN 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

You know what's coming next

MORE PICTURES OF FOOD! I was watching MARTHA (wow do I use her name a whole lot) and she was making foods for New Year's...ho rs derv's in fact. So for the first time I decided to try my hand at mini quiches. My only problem is, I have too much filling left over. Russ says tomorrow morning he's going to eat some eggs with the leftovers - so I guess that problem is solved. Last night I made my pie crust before going up to bed so that this morning all I had to do was roll out my dough.

Emily and I have a nice lunch for later. Gary and Russ are REAL MEN and WON'T eat quiche. You know what I say???? WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just took Russ over to his favorite outdoor hockey rink. He's been playing each and every day of his vacation...either outdoors or on the real ice indoors. He sure is burning the calories. As for me, well I'm doing my usual (besides WORK). Trying to finish up my latest sweater while getting creative in the kitchen.

So that's all for now. I'll probably blog a little later on - if the mood strikes me.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

AAAAAAAAAAAH The week between XMAS and New Years

Some fancy popcorn I made watching NETFLIX. This is sweet and savory.
Cool poodle scarf I knitted up for myself. I appliqued the "Gordies" to make the scarf REAL fancy schmancy. Emily's scarf I knitted with her favorite fleur de lis. Oh it looks smashing!

So much to motivation! As you all know, the NY Haberdashery show begins January 17Th and we must get all our new samples and swatch lines in order. A whole slew of swatching is coming for me to prepare later on today. We're also trying to figure out how to swatch our new line of printed silk pocket squares. Oh the samples I've seen...hubba hubba! We're off to the container store tomorrow night to buy displays for our white linen pocket square line too. Those are packaged so great - you will all need at least 2 dozen to start with! REALLY!

Emily is home 2 weeks from college already. With the mess, added laundry, taking the car -- well it feels like she was never away. She is catching up on much needed rest and by mid January when she goes back, she'll be ready to start up again - I'm sure.

Russ has been hanging with his buddies. He only has 6 days left of his XMAS break. Yesterday he played hockey all afternoon with his buddies. Emily hung with her girl friends exchanging holiday gifts.

Tonight I think we're heading OUT for dinner! I haven't had a dinner out in WEEKS! I'm looking forward to night off.

I wish you all a good winter break and sharpen those pencils because you will be ordering up our new line of ties and pocket squares like crazy...hey you might even sign up for Gary's Pinnacle Publication while you're at it. You surely don't want to miss out on that!



Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays

Private Stock Menswear wishes all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tonight the Cahn's all went to the JCC to work out before our dinner. I made a nice Risotto and salad for dinner. After eating and cleaning up, Russ went over to a friends house. Emily and I watched Ratatouille. It was a cute movie but I FELL ASLEEP right at the end! I was so tired. You see, I knitted up to scarves since yesterday! I don't have the pictures on this computer to post them, so I will do that tomorrow. The scarves came out GREAT!

OK big day for us's the MOVIES and then Chinese Food. Well we don't like Chinese food, so I'll come home and roast a chicken!




Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh it's the weekend and I can't sleep!

Finished Jimica Salad

Close up of Rugelach
Jicima before peeled and sliced
Sliced Jicima
Blood Red Orange
Yup, been up since 4:30am. Gave up tossing and turning and walked Gordie around 5:15am and came in and had my coffee. I noticed in the fridge I still had rugelach dough that I didn't bake up. So you know me, I baked up the last batch, THAT NONE OF US NEED TO EAT! I've not tasted a cookie yet, but the smell is making me CRAZY!!!!!! Then I decided to make my Jicima salad (see above photos). Jicima is sort of like a radish, only not so powerful of a bite. And julienned and served with a mild sliced onion and blood red oranges - well it's such a nice blend of flavors. Dunno why I had to make the Jicima salad at 6:00am but WHATEVER!

OK last night Emily and I went to see the new CHICK FLICK, "P.S. I Love You" in our town. We were 2 of 8 WOMEN in the theater! The movie is pretty good...kinda LONG ... but get this. I swear it was the last 30 - 60 seconds the film skips and BURNS UP! NO HAPPY ENDING -- NO ENDING AT ALL! So me being a MAJOR nut job, jump up to find the nearest worker. I run to the hall and find this guy and scream "The movie just broke and burned up! WHAT HAPPENS IN THE END?" Well this guy looks at me like there is something not right in my head. He goes into the theater to see if I'm lying! Of course he's not seen the ending or any part of the movie BECAUSE THIS IS OPENING DAY AND NO ONE BUT WE 8 WOMEN HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!! He runs and gets the manager who says please give her 10 minutes and she'll fix it all up so we can see the end. She splices out a few ruined frames and up pops the last 30 -60 seconds of the film! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what was even better -- for our HARDSHIP we were all awarded 2 FREE PASSES TO THE THEATER!!!!!!!!!!! That's $20.50 worth of films! Yup a movie in our town now costs $10.25 -good, bad or whatever! So all in all a happy ending was had all the way around!!!!!!!

So it's the Saturday before Christmas. What are we to do -- no Malling for us -- hmmmm maybe that means MORE TIME IN MY KITCHEN! Look for more food photos!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The first day of winter is a coming

Kugenhoph Pan
Baked Kugenhoph
Close up of Kugenhoph
Emily loves the dog
Well the ice in New Jersey is finally beginning to melt! Good thing because it's not easy walking around here! Our sidewalks and driveway are a sheet of ice! Even walking to put the garbage out is a drag with the slipping and sliding.

Years ago my mother gave me this baking pan called a kugenhoph. It's to make this special sweet bread. I never used the pan before, but the other day after buying my new favorite cookbook I saw the recipe and decided to try it. Well, my bread never really rose properly. I'm not sure what the problem was. I think maybe I got the milk too heated which might have killed the yeast? Not too sure, but since I bothered to make the recipe -- I decided I'd bake the bake anyway. And low and behold, it tastes fine. I don't think it's the right height or anything but well ate least it tastes good. I'm definitely going to try making it again and perfecting this recipe.

I'm also posting my front door knocker which is a sunflower. Many years ago I fell in love with sunflowers and used to plant an entire garden of them. Then for some reason the deer found my garden and I could never grow another sunflower after that. This sunflower door knocker is a real beauty.

Lastly, since Emily has been home, she can't take her hands off the dog. He is so loving all the attention! We love our Gordie! He's such a fun dog.

Hope you are doing great business out there in retail land and remember to come see us in NYC or at any of the local trade shows we are attending (New York, Charlotte, Chicago, and Dallas)


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Linen Pocket Squares and FOOD!

Now that my daughter, Emily, is home we have been baking non stop. This weekend we made brownies with a layer of chocolate chip cookies on top. Boy were they delicious. If you stop by the Haberdashery show in the Warwick Hotel from January 18th to January 21st, you may receive a treat like this one.

Also at the Haberdashery show, we will be debuting our Private Stock Linen Pocket Squares. They look almost as good as the brownies next to them!

Well, enjoy the Holiday Season and stay warm. Its FREEZING here in the North East! Hope to see you in a month for the show.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stormy Weather

Brownie Batter
Brownie Batter with Blondie Dough on top ready for the Oven
GORDIE AND RUSS play in the snow

Looks to be not so terrible here in North Western NJ. The plow has come up the hill 2 times this morning. Each time the plow has to go around my leaf pile (as well as the other neighbors). Don't they know I hate the mess of the leaf piles and they should have just plowed them to the top of the hill. Maybe tomorrow the town will come around and pick the last of the leaves up?! In a little over a week it will be XMAS, Friday will be the start of winter, AND WE STILL HAVE FALL LEAVES!

Russ and our best dog, Gordie, had a little romp in the wet snow/slush/ice earlier.

Think I'll bake today. Emily is home from College and we did 1 of our favorite activities last night. WE WENT TO BORDERS! We bought a few books, but we also like to read the magazines. So do a lot of folks as the place was jam packed with shoppers and readers. I finally broke down and bought Dorie Greenspan's book, BAKING. Like I need another baking cookbook! My blog reading has totally inspired me to do more baking, gardening, and just all around more creative things.

Look what I just baked! It's, hold on now, a brownie with a chocolate chip blondie on top. If this doesn't look heavenly than I don't know what!

Well it's pouring RAIN right now. If this were snow - FORGETTABOUTIT! We'd be snowed in for DAYS!


Thursday, December 13, 2007


So the first of the 2 storms is here. Ice is falling from the sky. The salter truck came up the hill just before. Bizarre scene of ice and the last of the Fall leaves. Notice the footsteps on our front walk ... had to take Gordie for his midday walk. He was SHIVERING because I think I got his hair cut too short. (see last photo).

Just received an email from Russ's High School that he must attend ALL DAY! Every school around us has closed. I'm sure Russ is steaming sitting in his classes - if the teachers even stayed. Who knows. Our school district allots 2 snow days in the calendar, after that the district starts taking away Spring vacation days. AND NO ONE WANTS TO GIVE UP THEIR VACATION TIME IF THEY DON'T HAVE TO!

Gary and I hope all of our retailers are having a great holiday selling season. We hope you will be by our booth in January to RESTOCK your shelves with Private Stock Ties!



PS Just took some pictures of the ice that we are getting. The temperatures keep going up and down but now that it's getting dark, I'm worried that it will get really cold. I hope all the trees and branches hold up.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you EVER just feel like SCREAMING!

Ah, sometimes I just feel like opening the window and yelling/screaming like a wild woman. Why I'm in 1 of those moods -- I just don't know! But I am! I accomplished many tasks today - and yet I feel so frustrated. I can't go on about what exactly I did, because I know you will just "X" out of this blog all together - it's just THAT BORING.

I can tell you that after Gary sent out his EMAIL blast yesterday regarding our Pinnacle Publications, the phone has been ringing off the hook. Did you get a load of our model, Trey? Oh I swoon EACH AND EVERY time his face comes up on our website!

I've been watching the news about the devastating ice storms in the middle of the country and wondering how all the folks out there are managing. I then heard on our local news that we might be expecting a Nor Easter over the weekend. Look out, because those storms can either be tremendous amounts of rain or snow. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes our way.

I haven't snapped many photos in the last few days. I think tomorrow I'll wake up in a better mood and send some happy thoughts your way.

So until then...


Sunday, December 9, 2007


I can't help it, I'm a control freak! Decided today we were going to get out the leaves from our backyard to the street. And yup, I strapped on the leaf blower. Gary took photos, but I'm too embarrassed to show them! First off, I was laughing so hard as was Gary at this sight! WHAT WAS I THINKING? Gary and I were thinking we were going to drag out every last leaf to the front. NOPE! IT'S AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK WITH THE EQUIPMENT WE HAVE! We need to have 1 of those push blowers, but it wouldn't fit in our car when we tried to rent it. So not every leaf it gone, but it does look fine. A little mulch next spring and welp those leaves will be history!

Just made another batch of ravioli and homemade sauce for dinner. I'm obsessed with making ravioli! Entered a contest in a cooking magazine I read. I'll never win because I think my recipe is just too easy. Whatever!

Downloaded a recipe for chocolate pretzels. They look like real fun to bake and will hold off to try baking them until Emily comes home on Friday for a MONTH! AAAAAAAAAAH! A month! She can't be living here like it's a HOTEL again! You know, I'm the maid service, room service, chauffeur, concierge. All that fun stuff.

If I get brave I might upload my leaf blowing photos -- you will have to wait and see my mood.

Busy end of the year week for me. Must get to my filing and clean up the folders for the new year! Plus I have to start the swatching of the new line. Can't get behind on all my tasks! And the BAKING! Oh all that BAKING! Did get to the peanut brittle yesterday and wrapped them up before tasting too much! And is it ever tasty!



Friday, December 7, 2007

OH those messy LEAVES

The town came by just before to pick up some more leaves at our house. Luckily they are coming around 1 more time this season because Russ said he will finish up the task this weekend.

The 1 person in our house who LOVES jumping in the leaf piles is Gordie. Here are some action shots of him having fun. Doesn't he know he was just cleaned and groomed! He doesn't care - he's just a DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our Mascott

Look at our best dog, Gordie, all dressed up for the holidays! Isn't he so handsome? He was just groomed. He's a bit cold without all the hair on his body. I happen to like him in this state -- I call him Mr. Velvet. Emily too likes Gordie when he's smooth and silky. Gary likes him hairy. Either way we are all in love with our dog!

More pictures tomorrow of my dinner with the creative gentleman who made our magazine as magnificent as it is! We're starting to conger up new ideas starting tomorrow night over a home cooked meal by ME!

Stay tuned!


Sunday, December 2, 2007

First SNOW

We woke up this morning to snow! Not a lot, but it was cold walking Gordie this morning. He didn't know what to make of the snow at first, but is waiting ever so patiently for Russell to get up and get dressed to go outside. They both love the snow!

I made my ravioli last night - tri-color! I made 1 batch of dough, divided it into thirds. 1 third I left alone, 1 third I added steamed spinach and the last third I added sun dried tomatoes. I made this fancy filling that I want to send the recipe in to a magazine for a contest. The rules are you have to cook with pumpkin. So I made pumpkin filled ravioli. My family was quite skeptical upon hearing the contents of these delicious pillowed treats, but once they ate them - THEY WANTED MORE! I doubt I'll win the contest, but I'm submitting my made-up recipe all the same.

Today I'm testing out baking my biscotti with a twist. Once baked and cooled, I'm going to dip them in chocolate ganache and sprinkle them up for the holidays!

That's all for now!

Do you have snow where you live? Leave me a comment!



Saturday, December 1, 2007

At my favorite supermarket

As you know I love to cook food, eat food, shop for food ... FOOD FOOD FOOD. I drive 25 miles EACH WAY to my favorite store, Wegmans. Today for the first time I saw these HUGE HUGE Chinese Grapefruits. I was very intrigued until I found out exactly what they were. I don't think you can tell from my photo, but they are at least double the size of a regular grapefruit. The produce folks told me they are much smaller than the fruit looks. They say the outside skin is so thick that once peeled they really are the same size as a regular grapefruit. Also the fruit is even more bitter if you can believe it. EWWW I left the fruit behind! Then I walked over to my mushroom area. CAN YOU BELIEVE THE TRUFFLE PRICE? And those prices are a bargain. I like the display too.

Now I'm back, all my groceries put away too. In 1 of my magazines there is a recipe contest with the ingredient of pumpkin. I'm thinking of making pumpkin filled ravioli. My Mom thinks I should make the pasta in 3 colors too. Kind of hard to explain in this blog, but if I do make fancy ravioli, I will surely post the pictures.

Got a call from a customer who published a magazine with us for a tie a customer saw in the publication and wanted. I just drove the tie over to the store and were they grateful! So all you out there in BLOGLAND/TIELAND/MAGAZINELAND -- you really should talk to Gary about a magazine for 2008! The response have been BEYOND!!!!!!!!!! Gary has already begun thinking up new ideas for the next publication -- come on now, you NEED to get in this! It's just that GREAT!

Off to knitting. I'm almost finished with yet ANOTHER sweater. I saw a nice coat sweater in a catalog and I'm thinking of drawing up my own pattern to knit it. How's that for ambition? I'm crazy!

Oh and 1 more thing...HELIO HELIO HELIO WON DANCING AND THAT MARIE FINALLY GOT THE BOOT! Did you hear my CHEERS of happiness a week ago?! I was that happy!


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