Tuesday, November 27, 2007


finally of Dancing With the Stars tonight! As you know, I'm a huge fan. I gave ALL MY VOTES last night to MEL B. aka Scarey Spice. When she first started dancing in this competition I didn't know who she was and wasn't sure I liked her. Well I think she is the best in this competition -- although my favorite was Jenny Garth. Jenny should not have gotten the boot last week over Marie Osmond. Marie should never have been there -- and I know the judges agree. I think the judges gave Marie fair marks last night and I could tell she was really annoyed with her scores. TOO BAD ON HER! Marie is a braggart and a BIG MOUTH! I hope she doesn't win. I will be tuned in and watching tonight FOR SURE!

I can't believe how fast I have knitted up yet another sweater! I chose this really pretty hand dyed yarn in greens and made up my own pattern. Hope I like it! The white sweater didn't block out big like I had hoped -- which means I definitely need to drop some weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary and I are very busy finalizing the new line of ties. WOW are they colored so RIGHT ON for Spring. I really love the colors we chose. We can't wait to break the line in January when we'll see a lot of you at the NY Haberdashery show at the Warwick Hotel. I'll also be handing out my home baked goods as well! YUM!

No pictures of my latest sweater yet -- not until I put on the sleeves as it looks like a big old sack right now.



Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Long Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

is coming to a close. Our Emily is on the train heading back to school. I think she had a nice weekend. She said so. What could be bad? Home cooking, her own clean bedroom, use of the car, and SHOPPING! I think she's sort of over her home friends but we'll see. There is of course CHRISTMAS vacation coming in 3 weeks. She will be home for 4 weeks which is a very long time with no plans. We'll have to get cracking and see what we can wrestle up.

Our Thanksgiving meal was delicious. The weather outside was WARM -- nearly 70 degrees. What strange weather, cold cold 1 day and warm the next. I made WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much food - but I knew I was going to. We still have leftovers in the fridge that NO ONE wants to touch. My sweet potato pie was the all time favorite dish.

On Friday, Emily and I headed into Montclair a neighboring town with interesting shops beyond your typical MALL stores. Emily bought yarn and started knitting up a scarf. We actually saw the scarf in the boutique across the street and she is making it all her own! Very cool.

So here are some photos from the Thanksgiving Feast.

I hope all is well and now it's onto the HOLIDAY season.



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Night Before Thanksgiving 2007

Well I've started the BIG COOK-OFF for my favorite holiday of the year -- THANKSFORGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I posted on 1 of my favorite cooking blogs yesterday how I wish I had a big crowd coming because I prepare WAY TOO MUCH FOOD! The woman who writes the website took my idea and posted a whole blog about over indulging! I'm now inspiration for others too.

Anyway, I was watching MARTHA - my mentor and guru - today and she said that the average family has 4 side dishes. Don't ask, but I panicked and ran to the local supermarket to buy the ingredients for a spinach souffle! It's all baked and ready to go into the fridge overnight. I come home and Em asks me where I went. So I told her about my "SIDES" dilemma and she looked at me like I was nuts. Emily rattled off all the food I was preparing and that now I am over the 4 sides limit! AAAAAAAAAH! But as you all know, I LOVE TO COOK!

Tomorrow night after the BIG FEAST, I will post photos of everything I've made. So far in the pictures above I baked an pumpkin pie and a sweet potato pie. Don't you love my cutouts of the turkey and the state of NJ?!

On Friday, I think I'll bake some gingerbread cookies. I saw a really great picture of a gingerbread house in Martha's current issue and I might ask Emily and Russ to help me make it. We'll have to see how it goes.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday tomorrow and better yet LET THE CASH REGISTERS KA-CHING, KA-CHING (and maybe you'll sell more of our ties!)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today is the first Sunday in a long time where it's cold outside and we are getting a little rain mixed with wet snow! Time to think of thoughts of WINTER!

I just finished up my white sweater. I don't know if I like it -- as usual. I think I need to block it out so it is not so form fitting. But I am thinking of another project and I just checked and the store is open today at Noon. I have 1 skein of yarn to return and I get to use my 25% discount as well on my next project. I was in the book store looking at new patterns in magazines and I think I might be ready to knit a cardigan?!

Last night I decided to make gnocchi. Those are the Italian potato pastas. I decided to use sweet potato (such a fall ingredient) in mine. I went to the store to buy the thingie that puts the ridges in the gnocchi. They were really fun to make and Russell helped. For a simple sauce, I just melted butter and sprinkled cinnamon on top! My boys swore there was sugar in the recipe they tasted that sweet!

Tomorrow we will be uploading our mailer to be sent out this week to soliciate more stores to do our next Pinnacle Magazine. I know I keep saying this to EVERYONE, but each time the models come up on my computer screen, I go weak at the knees! Good thing I'm sitting down when this happens as the models are THAT GOOD LOOKING! Plus our Private Stock neckwear isn't that bad either!

OK short week ahead with the Thanksgiving Holiday here! Our daughter comes home tomorrow and we'll be back to a full house! Emily can't wait to come home and be in her own room for a while. Says she needs the break from her roommate and the hubba that goes on 24/7. I don't blame her -- but I know my Emily -- she'll be bossing me around from the get-go!



Sunday, November 11, 2007

Busy Weekend

I went into NYC with a good friend on Saturday -- from early morning to late afternoon. What a real NY day we had. We took the train into NYC and headed down to the village (my old stomping grounds - as Gary and I lived downtown as newlyweds and new parents). We looked in windows and meandered in out of some shops. We had a real NY lunch at Balthazar (1 of Martha Stewart's favorites). What a great French Bistro in the heart of the Village. And was it hopping! We luckily didn't have to wait long for a table. We both had the same thing, steak and pomme frittes (french fries). YUMMY! We shared a caramelized pear tart. I was so full I never even had dinner.

Today, I had to do my food shopping for the week. Sunday is not my favorite day to shop because it's just too busy in the store, but I had no choice. I took Russell with me to help steer the cart and choose foods he wanted. Tonight I made poached salmon, roasted acorn squash and buckwheat noodles. Sounds healthy -- right? I'm wondering what else I can poach? I've really only heard of poached salmon and eggs. I'll have to look online for some ideas.

Well Russ just handed me an essay I must edit for him. Then it's time to knit for the evening. Emily will be coming home a week from tomorrow to BOSS ME AROUND!

OK more tomorrow.


Friday, November 9, 2007

And now it's Russ's turn!

to tour college campuses! How exciting. Did I EVER believe Russ would be coming of age so quickly to be a college co-ed? WOW! We took a short and quick trip to Boston to look at 2 schools. Bentley College (a suburb of Boston) and Northeastern. We all loved Bentley and just liked Northeastern but who knows where Russ will apply. Russ would like to stay in the northeast or east coast -- but I guess we'll have to see how it all plays out! We had perfect weather and it turned out to be the first real fall day of the season.

Our daughter will be coming home for Thanksgiving in a little over a week! This will be her first time home since August 29th. I bet we won't see much of EM as she'll want to see her High School friends. But we'll take what we can get. With cell phones, emails, and IM (my favorite type of communication) we speak OFTEN! Of course I don't know who all her friends are, but her close 1's I know all the names. When we drive in town and see kids walking, I always ask "Do you know them"? Now when I go visit Emily at school I can't ask that any more! My kids hate when I ask that question because most times I'm asking about people who aren't even their own age. Actually, it's become a JOKE! So now they ask me when I'm driving and they see a white haired person walking..."Do you know who that is MOM?"

Another week is closing and our Pinnacle Publishers are all calling with glee with the success of their magazines. Those who included the pull out certificate are incredibly happy with the results as well! Gary and I can't wait to get the word out and sign up more stores! We love the tumult the magazine brings! I actually miss it, as now Gary is asking me about the ties -- and he's treading on my territory a bit and well I don't want to be picked on! HA HA ... but really, this magazine is just a terrific selling tool for all those involved.

Happy Veterans Day -- and I hope you all do great business over this holiday weekend.



Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Girls Night Cook-In

A lot of my friends ask me ALL THE TIME -- how do you prepare your chicken, or your fried rice -- or many of the foods for weeknight meals. Next week I invited 2 of my girl friends over for a hands on cook-in! We will start with my oh so special zucchini fritters, followed by my secret fried chicken, sweet and sour cabbage and fried rice. To end the meal we will make my sour cream coffee cake. So many of the recipes come from my mother. I learned many of these recipes by just watching and doing. So yesterday I sent out an email to 2 of my friends and lickity split got an answer of YES! I will provide all the foods, they will provide the drinks! Sounds fair enough. Hmmmm I wonder if word will get out and I'll have many South Orange women knocking at my door for their lessons! We shall see.

So retailers...have you clicked on http://www.thepinnaclemagazine.com to see how you can have a magazine for your store? Call Gary - 973-886-0026 and he'll be sure to tell you all about it and send you a copy of this years' magazine for you to study. It won't take long before you too will become a Pinnacle Publisher -- I just know it!

Count down until Thanksforgiving! I have a small crowd this year, but still prepare all the fix ins! I love this holiday!

Pictures above...stuffed gutters and most of the leaves haven't even changed, double chocolate walnut biscotti -- yum, and my best dog Gordon Cahn



Monday, November 5, 2007

Wow did it cool down

here in the Northeast. The leaves are just beginning to change colors and fall when in years past (my whole life) most all the leaves would be on the ground. Is this climate change -- I think so.

But anyway, great news. Gary's Pinnacle Publication magazine is starting to reach the consumer. And...IT IS HAVING TREMENDOUS RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! A store emailed to say he's already had a handful of customers come in with the gift certificate to spend spend spend. What great news for all! And this is only the start! The magazines are going to homes all over our country. I will surely keep you posted as we hear back from the Pinnacle Publishers. I hope all you retailers out there jump on board next season and get involved in this periodical. It is really THE BEST!

While down in Virginia 2 weekends ago, my sister taught me how to use the digital macro feature on my camera. I can get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with my foods, my dog, and whatever else I'm snapping photos of. I'm hooked on it!

Just a fun game...can you figure out what tie this is that I've snapped a photo of? Please leave me the answer on a comment or email me at: jcahn@privatestockmenswear.com


Friday, November 2, 2007

Autumn Dinner

I decided to have a dinner for 2 of my girlfriends last night. We met many years ago when our kids started in the public schools here in South Orange. I guess you can say we are die hard South Orangers! AND NOW OUR FIRST BORN ARE COLLEGE CO-EDS! Amazing! So I made a nice dinner of chicken parmesean, tossed salad and roasted garlic bread. For dessert, since I was feeling autumnal, I put food coloring in my Madeline batter and dipped the tips into chocolate ganache and sprinkles (otherwise known as Jimmies if you live in NJ!). I only took pictures of my Madeline's and the neighbors hydrandreas which I clipped while they were away at work! Oh and I never leave out my family -- so my boys had their dinner first and gave the stamp of approval.

Today, Friday, it's back to picking the November necktie orders. Remember, it's not too late to fill into your stores neck wear tables. Give me a call -- I'll send you a few dozen ties THE SAME DAY! My elbow if finally starting to hurt less. My doctor told me it will take 3 - 4 weeks to completely heal. I make an effort not to use my left arm when schlepping tie cartons in and out of bins.

I think this might be the first weekend of serious fall weather. So I hope all your stores are hopping with customers! I also hope you sell out of all our ties and call me first thing Monday morning for a reorder!


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