Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh Happy Halloween!

Just had to do a little blog regarding this holiday. We received 3 groups of Trick-or-Treaters and that's it! Looks like I'll be baking with the leftover candy! (Picture of my candy basket) The other photo is from a neighbor's front porch. Every Halloween we go on and on about the LACK of trick-or-treaters on our dead end street! Oh well, our dogs had fun barking while we chatted.

So now it's time to just veg out. I had a busy day of filling orders and picking out new designs for our next season! Oh it will be a TREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween from Private Stock Menswear!


Pocket Squares

I hope you are reading our blogs and if you are not answering them then please take a minute and let us know you are out there. Come on don't be bashfull.
I was in NYC today and put together a great pocket square line for you to buy. We are offering a new luxurious light weight woven solid square done in 21 colors and some great updated printed squares which should really be fabulous for your stores. And the best part of all of this, you will be able to buy on our web site.

Look out soon for a link to our pocket square line and don’t forget ties are back in vogue so come and get em at our web site. It doesn't cost anything to look and when you do buy neckwear its some great value!

Top picture is me and my son Russ Cahn at our Photo Shoot. The next big Tiecoon! He loves Seven for all Mankind Jeans and he loves Robert Graham Shirts. He also loves Private Stock Neckwear.

Gary Cahn

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I'm back from my quick adventure to Virginia to visit my sister and my best daughter EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it was such a nice visit -- weather improved, company was fun, dinner, movies, a little shopping -- what could be bad? This morning Emily woke up bright and early with school work on her mind. As usual, we Cahn girls blew out of my sister's house so we could get back to our lives. I always feel badly leaving Virginia but now that I'm back home with my boys all is well. (including my boy GORDIE!) I understand Gordie got the troops up bright and early by staring at them at 6:30am in their respective beds. That's just too early on a Sunday! I guess Gordie was worried it was a school morning and no one was budging. I had a very easy drive home - no traffic since I left at the perfect time.

So now it's time to straighten up and get ready for the week ahead.

Pictured above is my sister's electric grill on her terrace. It's more like a broiler only it's outside. The grill worked terrific.

Bye for now!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Just a quick PS

The weather cleared up and we were out and about. Actually we just came back from seeing the movie "DAN IN REAL LIFE". All 3 of us LOVED IT!!!!!!!! Was just what we felt like seeing.

But when we aren't out shopping, cooking, movies, or EATING we are all computing! Isn't this a fun picture!

Bye for now

Rainy Saturday

We need this wet weather - now we have to decide what to do! Right now I am visiting my sister in VA and my daughter Emily is with me for the weekend! Emily and I decided to meet at a METRO stop in VA to make it easier on me than driving into DC. By some miracle we both arrived at the same time! We prepared a nice comforting home cooked meal last night of chicken and broccoli. Emily finally ate off of plates and silverware and get this - from all of the 5 food groups! For dessert we made baked apples! Oh yum -- it's an apple pie without the fattening crust.

So today we are just lazying around in the morning. I think I will take Emily for supplies for her room and drive them to the dorm. We cannot do this tomorrow as the Marine Marathon is taking place and the roads will be closed and it will be difficult driving around DC. Later on today we plan on going to the movies.

That's all for now. Will check in later with pictures!



Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Pinnacle Publication

Little does anyone know that after being in the neckwear business for over 25 years (28 to be exact) I have been doing a Retail Publication for the last 3 years. I just completed my autumn 2007 edition of the Pinnacle Magazine for many quality retail stores like yours. (I hope you are reading this blog because you can have this magazine also.) Neckwear is an exciting business. The making of new designs, the new colorings, the new fabrications and new ideas is something I always had a passion for in ties. I now have another passion in the publication business. Hiring models, fashion coordination, great editorial and everything else which goes into producing a fashion magazine gets me very excited. And the look on the retailers face after their magazines are printed and mailed gives me great pleasure.
The great part of doing this magazine is the retail store does not have to invest alot of their time. Just some information and a little effort on the retailer part and voila! You have a magazine as good as the ones you pay for. And you know what; it might cost you next to nothing! (Call me to find out how!)So whether you buy my neckwear or do not buy my neckwear (you should be buying my neckwear!) you should look into doing a 2008 Magazine for your store. It’s worth your time and might not even cost you too much of your hard earned money.
Call me on my cell phone @973-886-0026. This way you are sure to get in touch with me.
PS We have plenty of great looking neckwear on the shelves and if you order now maybe Jane can throw a few of her sweet treats in your shipment. :)

Monday, October 22, 2007


Well it seems I was on a roll this weekend making and baking things that need filling...which leads me to this--If you need to make FILL INS of ties for your stores, you can either order here online, call your sales rep, or call me! We'll be more than happy to get your order out promptly!

The weekend weather here in NJ was lovely...warm but not unbearable -- so I did some weeding, emptied out my window boxes and planted some hydrangeas. Photos to follow.

OK busy work week ahead so I'm about to get to it!



PS I forgot to tell you, those cookies are peanut butter with nutella filling. I haven't tried 1 yet! Russ says they are good.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just in the mood

to cook today! I don't know, yesterday, Friday, was a not so good day for me. Received a bill in the mail that was over 1 year old! So I had to root through all my papers to show that it was paid. But it's not that easy -- I must have thrown out the original receipt and I had to try and jog my memory. Then we received our new updated insurance policy which through us into a tizzy with the price! We are now trying to get that issue straighten out. AAAAAAAAAAAH! I don't do well with these kinds of matters. They drive me INSANE!

But here is something good is...we have in our hands the first copies of the Fall 2007 Pinnacle Publication Magazine. I know I keep saying how great it is, but REALLY AND TRULY IT IS W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L! I can't wait to hear your reaction!

Back to cooking. I watched my favorite chef, Giada DeLaurentis, make homemade ravioli. You know what's coming next...I SAID I CAN DO THAT TOO! I ran out to the store to buy myself a ravioli maker and the few ingredients that I needed for the filling. Came back, threw the garlic in the oven to roast, and made the pasta dough so it could rest for 30 minutes. Then I began the task of making ravioli. Here are just a few photos. I've not boiled the raviolis up nor tasted them, but I bet they are yummy! Oh right, I also made my own sauce as well -- just a plain marinara. OH the filling -- roasted garlic, ricotta with chopped basil.

The kitchen calls again! It's time to boil them up and EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jury Duty

OK I HAD A DAY FROM "YOU KNOW WHAT"! I was all undone about having to serve on Jury much so that I've been up since 3:00am. Now that's just nuts. Followed the directions to the court house, parked, got out of my car with all my GEAR only to be told that NO KNITTING ALLOWED IN THE COURTHOUSE?!!!! An indicted woman who knifed someone "allegedly" could walk the halls and be in the bathroom unattended, but I could not get good production done on my white sweater! WOW was I ever annoyed! Sat and SAT all day long only to be excused at 4:15pm! YIPPEE! I don't have to go back tomorrow! Did I ever have a mad on too! I'M SO GLAD THAT IS OVER!

I think summer is back again as well. It's kind of hot again in NJ -- is this Indian summer or are we missing Fall this year only to go right into winter?

OK I need to put my feet up and get some rest so I can attack the orders with some gusto tomorrow!


PS Just want to send a shout out to Karen, my fellow JUROR! Hope you got home safely!

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Wonderful Parent Weekend

WOW, did the Cahn's have fun this weekend visiting our daughter at school! If anyone was made for college in Washington DC it's our daughter Emily! She is doing terrific and having the time of her life! Only 5 short weeks have passed and she's been all over DC seeing and experiencing life in our Nation's Capital. We had a few short days to see how she lives and manages and college life is the BEST! All these good times are making our Russell really excited for the experience as well. All in good time.

Friday night we saw the Billy Crystal show. He was funny and it was a whole lot of fun. After the show we said our good-byes as Emily had a press pass and went off to do her interview. She said he was really nice and today has the lead article in the school newspaper. Emily also is now known by the President of the Media School and even had her picture taken with Billy!

Saturday we toured Washington on a glorious Fall day. Went back to campus and I ran into a childhood friend who I've not seen in years in front of the Freshman dorm! How cool is that??? We must have walked a million miles and were all bushed by Saturday night. Woke up early Sunday morning and met Emily for a brunch and said our good-byes until Thanksgiving.

Everyone had a great weekend and Russ can't wait to go down on his own and experience the real college scene with no parents around!

So now it's back to work and back to the business of TIES!



Thursday, October 11, 2007

Every Man Wears a Private Stock Tie!

That's what we should all aim for after reading this article in the NY Times today! YOUNG MEN HAVE FOUND TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I take it?!!!! But please, none of these mixed up icky ties pictured in the article. Our most updated and beautifully colored woven hand made ties are what these men need! It's just wonderful to read about something GOOD in the neckwear industry! I'm sick of people asking me, "Do men wear ties any more?" What...they're looking for me to suffer? COME ON NOW... like the article says, THE TIE MAKES THE OUTFIT! So when you go out to sell ties, or buy them here on this website, maybe you want to show your customers this article. MAYBE THEY WILL BUY MORE TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you all good selling and



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TOMORROW (October 11th)

in the New York Times Style Section is going to be a whole article about NECKWEAR and men going back to wearing TIES! I can hardly WAIT to read what the article has to say! I'm going to be REPORTING back to all of you on this OH SO TIMELY piece!

Last night I went out with some friends for dinner and a chick flick- we saw FEAST OF LOVE. Was a very nice evening and the movie was pretty good too. I drank 1 glass of wine and had a major headache throughout the movie and couldn't wait to get home for some Tylenol. DISASTER ... we have no TYLENOL -- well I found 2 expired tablets (expiration date: 2003) which I took anyway. It helped - was it more mental than the actual medicine working? Who knows. So anyway, I missed DANCING WITH THE STARS/THE RESULTS SHOW. Just went online to see Mr. Danke Shoen aka Wayne Newton got the boot. That's OK with me -- he was not too good a dancer, nor was he funny or appealing to me. The competition is now getting even harder for all that are left! My friends last night think I'm an old fogey for enjoying this TV show -- but do they know it's rated so high? WHATEVER -- different strokes for different folks as they say.

I hope you all received our last email blast and will start to comment on this blog! That would be fun and helpful too! Don't forget to email or call me for a username and password if you'd like to see our neckwear online.

OK I'll be back tomorrow with my review of the article about the ties! I will also attach the link to this blog for your reading pleasure!



Monday, October 8, 2007

Guess WHAT?

This coming weekend is Parent Weekend at Emily's University. We are all excited here to see our little Emily at school. The University hires entertainment for both Friday or Saturday night which we bought tickets for back last April. The entertainment this year is BILLY CRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!! I love Billy Crystal!!!!!!!!! As you know from previous blogs, Emily is a reporter for the school newspaper. This morning at 7:48am the phone rings. It's Em. She says the Editor of the newspaper asked if she wanted to INTERVIEW BILLY CRYSTAL FOR THE NEWSPAPER!!!!!!!!!!!! She called here asking if she did the interview would we mind. I practically dropped the phone I was that excited for her and of course said YES -- take the interview! CAN YOU BELIEVE OUR FRESHMAN DAUGHTER GOT THAT STORY FOR THE NEWSPAPER???!!! Oh and on a side note, her 2ND article made the front page of their newspaper this morning. The editor likes her writing and that is why she was asked to do the Billy Crystal story.

Now onto Russell. Russ has been having a hard time hitting the baseball in his games. He's an absolutely terrific catcher, but hitting is his nemesis. Russ's coach, the head scout for the Minnesota Twins, told Gary to have Russ's eyes checked since he's having that much trouble in his hitting. Well guess what, Russ is having problems seeing distance and we now have to go further to see about glasses/contacts lenses. Lets hope that helps him!

Onto another subject - our house. We live in an old house with the original claw foot bathtub. All the shower curtains have a set length which is way too long for our tub - but we use these long curtains because we have no choice. So my friend said, why don't you cut the curtains and hem them and sew ribbon to hide the seam. And that's just what I did yesterday. See above picture.

I had a hankering for carrot cake too. I'm the only 1 who ate a piece. Now what should I do with the rest of the cake? Freeze it -- chuck it????!!!!

OK have a great week and please leave me a comment or a necktie order! I appreciate them both!



Friday, October 5, 2007


Another wild work week is coming to a close! WOW was it jammed packed with orders, magazines, and ties ties and more ties!!!!!!!!!!! Gary and I went into each and every carton and counted each and every tie. We now have the "out" list to the web master who will get the sold outs online A.S.A.P.! We aim to keep our customers happy! It's a bit of a learning thing with this website -- but keep coming back we're updating it constantly. And if you need to speak to either me or Gary, please, GIVE US A CALL 973*763*3474! We enjoy hearing and speaking to all of our PRIVATE STOCK CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!! Even better, LEAVE US A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG TOO! You can sign in anonymously -- we don't mind!!!!!!!!!!

Our Russell is playing ball again this weekend. More locally which is a good thing. He just worked next door helping our elderly neighbor and he easily got about 9 thousand bug bites all over his legs!!!!!!!! Our Russell is so busy with school, SAT Prep, and baseball! He just GO GO GOES non-stop -- I guess this is why he's so thin! Hey, I go go go and I'm not so thin -- what's wrong with this picture???

Our Emily just completed a week of tests tests and more tests. She said it's the hardest she's ever worked. Emily is so dedicated to doing well -- she set a goal and is determined to make it. Next weekend we get to see her - FINALLY!!!!!!!!

Funny story -- at Back To School night earlier this week we walked into Russ's English class. A Mom said to Gary -- "I hear from Jane you have been doing tons of baseball!" So I roll my eyes and say yeah...they are gone most weekend days and all they talk about is baseball-baseball-baseball! So the teacher chimes in, "I know who you are! You must be Russ's Mom! He wrote a whole paper on how his mother and sister can't stand all the baseball and all the baseball talk!" Ha Ha...Russ keeps NO SECRETS! So out of Russ's 4 core classes,he has 3 male teachers...and I just heard on the radio this week how they need male teachers. Guess we're not the NORM here in South Orange?!

On that note it's time to think about dinner. Hey, it's Friday Night - I DESERVE A NIGHT OFF! I have no food left in the fridge anyway! Now we have to decide where to eat!

I will close for now...

Please leave me a comment - or better yet -- how about an order for some ties?!!!!



PS The garbage men picked up the bad luck quilt and now it is in some dump -- hopefully the bad "ju ju" has left our house!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October Post

So here it is October and it still feels like August outside! WHATEVER! Wouldn't it be wonderful if things cooled off a bit so we could all start to wear our FALL clothes -- or better yet...let THE CUSTOMERS COME ON INTO YOUR STORES AND BUY NEW FALL MERCHANDISE???!!! This might just be a wake-up call to start to get "green" in our lives and cool down the earth. Who knows?!

I am showing you my new knitting project which I sweated over last night. I established the pattern, and then while watching my favorite show DANCING WITH THE STARS, got distracted and couldn't figure out which way to knit! All is well tonight with my knitting but NOT who was voted off the show this week.

The other picture is of our favorite dog Gordie who was kind of not feeling himself today. I don't know what is wrong with him, but he was oh so tired and went back to bed after his morning walk. He never even asked for his treats. So hopefully now he's tucked away in bed and getting more rest to feel himself tomorrow. I'll have to let you know.

Tomorrow is BACK-TO-SCHOOL night for our Russell where we will meet his teachers and see old friends. It's the big countdown for Russ as he has to get going on picking where he'd like to go to college. The saga continues.

I bet you are all wondering how Gary is fairing with the demise of his team the METS. I'm happy to report that every 2 words out of his mouth are about the METS and not EVERY SINGLE word!!!!!!!!! He claims he's not watching any baseball playoffs and is now set on rooting on his RANGERS. He and Russ received the apology email from the MET organization -- but as you all know they are very loyal fans. We think the management team is worried of defectors and who will they get to fill that gorgeous new stadium they are erecting in the outfield of SHEA. Guess they will ALL have to "wait til next year"!

On that note it is time for me to head into my evening routine and prepare for another busy day ahead of TIES TIES TIES! I also promised to bake up something special for our creative team when we have another meeting on Thursday. I'm thinking Fall -- apples -- and will either bake a pie or an apple cake. But 1 thing for sure, I'll post whatever comes out of my oven!



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