Sunday, September 30, 2007

There is NO JOY in Mudville

Please Please PLEASE go easy on Gary when you speak to him tomorrow! He's not a happy camper as well as my son with the NY METS out of the playoffs with their unbelievable collapse. I feel so badly for EVERY FAN! This is just horrible!

So to drown the sorrows what did I do today? I cooked, cooked and did a little more cooking! I watched my guru and fearsome leader, Martha Stewart, bake up Quiche Lorraine the other day. Oddly enough, I had all the ingredients in the house, whipped up a pie crust and threw in the quiche ingredients and voila! My boys will not go no near it. Why? That's just crazy. All Quiche is, is eggs and cheese with a yummy crust and some bacon?! I don't get it. It was so creamy and luscious. My recipe that I use comes from the NY TIMES back in the late 70's (the dark ages to some -- right?)

For the din-din I just whipped up a vodka sauce to throw on top of spaghetti and crusty garlic bread and tossed salad.

AM I making your mouth water yet????

I also found some time to take my best dog, Gordie to his park. He ran and sniffed and fuffed for about an hour.

So there you have it - my weekend. Oh yes, I also started another knitting project. Since I'm a regular at this shop in Montclair, I got a 10% discount off my purchase. This shop gives discounts by how much yardage/mileage of yarn I purchase. So when I purchase 2 miles worth of yarn, I get a 25% discount. Which might be a lot sooner than I think the way I've been knitting.

OK I should rest up for a busy week ahead. We're starting to think about the next line of ties already! Before you know it, January will be here and that next Haberdashery Show at the Warwick ... AND MORE HOME BAKED COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



PS Haven't taken any pictures as of late of all my stuff. Maybe tomorrow.

Friday, September 28, 2007

OH this NY MET team is driving me

C-R-A-Z-Y! Don't even ask what's going on in my house! I feel so badly for all the MET fans out there -- honestly. My boys look heart broken. I know it's not over "til the fat lady sings" but from what has been happening, it just doesn't look good. WHY CAN'T THE NY METS WIN GAMES?!!!!!

I had a banner month for September shipping. I can't wait to start the month of OCTOBER. Remember you can always fill in to your orders by either calling your sales reps or ordering online here on this site! It's so easy to order ties from our website! Call me for a user name and password if you don't already have 1.

I will close for now, keeping my fingers crossed for a victorious outcome tonight from the METS -- if not, I might have to move out for the weekend to keep my sanity!



Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not ANOTHER losing night for the NY METS!

Oh's another night of the NY METS getting off to bad start and probably a bad ending as well. You have NO IDEA what I'm suffering through over here! I am hearing slamming, whining, yelling, and of course SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so terrible for Gary and Russell watching their baseball team dissolve! But nothing I can do about it! You see Gary and Russell are number 25 and 26 on the NY METS roster!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha
So to drown my sorrows I found on a cooking blog I'm in love with, a recipe for chocolate sugar cookies. Yup, tasted 1...was very very yummy. I froze what couldn't fit in my cookie jar.
My elbow is getting worse. It's now waking me up at night! And yet I'm still schlepping and picking the ties. What can I do? America needs their fill of PRIVATE STOCK and my mission is to try and ship our ties into EVERY STORE IN AMERICA...or NEARLY every store!
I finished knitting up that purple sweater I posted on a previous blog. I hate it! I look like a snausage in it. Guess I'll have to STOP the baking and start the Weight Watchers AGAIN!!!!!!!!! I do enjoy my baking's 1 of my passions. And I know Russ loves eating it (as do I)
OK I will close for now. Happy selling to all you retailers! I hope your Fall season is getting off to a good start -- if only this weather would cool down already!


So as I've been gushing on and on about our daughter going off to college and how happy she is...well as a Freshman she was just published as the LEAD article in their college newspaper this morning! Emily was asked to attend the Kalb Report with guest speaker Katie Couric held at the National Press Club in Washington DC. What an honor for our FRESHMAN daughter! Emily was thrilled and awed by Katie Couric. In fact she called me as soon as the event was over on her way to the METRO to head back to school to write the article for her MIDNIGHT deadline. Emily said the kids on the school newspaper couldn't believe she got the chance to write article for the paper as a Freshman. So since she did so well on this article, she was asked to write another. She is writing about the eating situation at school and how it needs to be changed. Lets hope this article gets published and something happens to remedy the situation.

SO since my blog title says revenge, I'll tell you where this comes to in to play. Junior year of HS the kids who wanted to write for the school newspaper as seniors had to write an article and see if they were capable of the task as Editors. This particular school year they had WAY too many kids for spots on the newspaper. Our Emily got REJECTED for a position for TYPE-O!!!!!!! So you know what I just did????? I emailed her HS teacher the newspaper article she just wrote. Lets see if the teacher writes me back. I couldn't help myself, nor am I "over" my grudge (1.5 years later!)

Gary is a stressed out bundle of nerves...The Pinnacle Publications, THE NY METS LOSING, TIES TIES TIES..hmmm what else?? Oh yeah, TOMORROW GARY HAS A MILESTONE BIRTHDAY! So if you can, please give our Gary a call tomorrow and wish him a Happy Birthday! That will surely cheer him up.

I've run on a bit so I will close for now.

Please leave me a message!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's not easy being a NY MET fan

nor is it any easier for me to live in this house with Gary and my Russell. I'm tortured! But honestly the NY METS are torturing my boys! The screaming, yelling, crying...oh when will it all end? How can these ball players DO THIS TO ME????????????? I can hardly hear my TV show Dancing with the Stars!

OK I hear it's back on...I just wanted to tell you, if you call here...remember to go easy on my Gary -- he's just so BEYOND. If the NY METS don't make the playoffs...well forgettaboutit!

OK Mr. Danke Schoen is coming on...or should I say, Mr. Plastic Face??? I'm so mean!




Another load of ties going out this afternoon - to be picked up by WALTER our UPS driver who is a bit heavy handed on the cologne! He's all dressed in his BROWN uniform and groomed to a Tee - maybe he's reading out latest PINNACLE PUBLICATION??!!!! I'm getting off track a bit...OK back to the shipments. The shipment from the airport arrived early this morning so I was able to fill into orders I had picked and waiting. Now it's onto the task of finishing up all those BALANCE TO FOLLOW orders.

So last night was the first show of Season 5 of DANCING WITH THE STARS! I enjoyed the show so much! I like the costumes, the professional dancers, the stars, the music, even the cornball hosts. It's all too hokey and RIGHT UP MY ALLY! So while I was watching I got in some good knitting time. (see above picture) I'm making a cardigan and can't wait to finish up this project to start a new 1. It's been so hot lately that it's hard to imagine evening needing a warm sweater! I'm sure I'll be regretting whining about the heat once the cold sets in. The sweater doesn't look right now because I have knit up the placard and sew on buttons as well as setting in the sleeves once they are finished. I'll be sure to post a picture of ME in my sweater once I'm finished.
OK time to walk my best dog Gordie and pick a few more orders before my day ends. Ends...not really, then it's time to make the dinner, clean-up, go to the JCC for some workout and then watch PART II of DANCING! CAN I TAKE MUCH MORE????
My sore sore elbow!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 39 of the Year 2007

The first full week of Fall is here. I think I even smell it in the air -- although the weather prediction is for a warm spell in the middle of this week. It's time for everyone to change over their clothes to sweaters and pants and least I forget shirts and TIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With thoughts of cooler weather approaching -- don't forget we have a nice line of formal wear for the holidays. We sell cummerbund and bow sets, vests, formal ties, and stirling silver cuff links. Please call me if you don't have our IN STOCK formal wear book for your store. I can easily send you your own copy today!

On a personal note -- my daughter is so missing her best dog Gordie. She wants me to visit my sister in VA so I can bring the dog and cook her some of my good cooking! And you know what, I just may take a ride down and do it! Crazy right? Emily says the food situation at school is not so easy, nor is it so healthy and she wants a nice home cooked meal.

OK then, hope all is well with you out there! It would be nice to get a comment back to know you are reading my blog (hint hint)



Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baking and Bad Luck Quilt

So I got ambitious and decided I had a hankering for Rugelah. I will bring these delicious cookies to my parents house later when we go for the famous BREAK-THE-FAST (doesn't that word sound so similar to BREAKFAST?) Anyway, I'm a purest, so I just use butter, cream cheese and flour for the dough, and sugar, chopped walnuts, and cinnamon for the innards. I decided to do an egg wash and more sugar for the topping this time. I hope it's not a mistake as I want the cookies to "dry" and be crisp. For some reason my kitchen is moist. I don't know what it is, I bake, the goods come out crisp and by dinner time or some time later in the day - all is wimpy and wet. This really irks me because I love a crunchy cookie. OK, you are probably reading this and thinking, why is Jane talking about FOOD FOOD FOOD when she's supposed to be fasting? Well I am fasting and now I'm getting in a foul mood wishing I could eat a cookie - or SOMETHING!

I think I'll go back to my knitting. Later on I'll take pictures of my knitting progress. While knitting I have my own time and thoughts and that is when I think up things for TIES, for FORMAL WEAR, for FOOD, and for CRAFTS. I think my next project coming up will be a new quilt for our bed. Years ago I made this really great reversible quilt, but being superstitious -- bad things happened while I use this quilt (pictured above). So I STOPPED PUTTING ON OUR BED FOR GOOD -- I'm thinking I might burn it. My sister suggested I EBAY it, but I don't want to pass the "curse" onto someone else. Any thoughts of what I should do with this Queen sized quilt?

OK hope everyone is having a nice weekend.



Friday, September 21, 2007

Holiday Dinner

Tonight at sundown is the start of Yom Kippur. I will serve roasted chicken, noodle pudding, and roasted brussel sprouts. Here are pictures before and after I baked the pudding. I'm back into watching Martha Stewart in re-runs at night and she gave out info on all these other bloggers. (apparently there are loads of us - ha ha like I didn't know!). Anyway I'm addicted to this kitchen blog named smitten kitchen. She posts great recipes and pictures and stories. I just love the site. Anyway, featured this week is a noodle pudding. I didn't follow her (Deb is her name) recipe exactly but it is a little different than my normal noodle pudding. This blogger Deb, was also written up in the NY Times (this I read on her blog). I also make COMMENTS on her blog -- so please leave me a message or 2 on mine!

Gary is working furiously with the creative person finalizing the magazine. I hope it's all going to be finished after today because he's a bundle of nerves and stressed to the MAX!

Me I'm doing my TIE thing. Waiting for another shipment to arrive from the airport next week. Then I'll be back in action again.

So for now I will sign off and wish everyone a Happy New Year and will be back blogging soon!



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What could be inside this beautiful box?

Our Emily is away at school ... and who better to share the baked goods than our daughter and her new college friends! She has no idea this box is coming - but will be very surprised and pleased. I also included a note from the family as well as a special message from her favorite dog Gordie. Oh what a letter that was - I showed the letter to Gary and I heard him chuckling while reading.

I think I'm having tendinitis in my elbow from the lifting and schlepping of the ties! Not to worry, I've got it wrapped -- YOUR ORDERS WILL ALL GO OUT! Back when I was swatching the new line I thought style 2338 was my favorite design. Now I just can't decide! I really do find something good about each tie. And those 9 FOLDS -- wowzers!
So New Jersey is having gorgeous fall like weather -- remember Fall doesn't officially start until Saturday. I'll soon be complaining when it comes time to RAKE! How can I rake with tendinitis? I'm going to have to beg my Russell -- when he's not playing baseball.
Hope all is well... Leave me a comment -- order some ties online -- maybe you too will receive a special box from me with some treats inside!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Did you EVER????

See a dog with pink ears and a tail before? Not me!!!!!!!!!!!! It's crazy! I took my Gordie up to the dog park in town on this gorgeous Fall day. It's Gordie's favorite activity. Well in walks this nut with her pooch! I just had to take pictures because I knew no one would believe me! I think Gordie liked this fancy dog as well!

The other 2 dogs I am picturing are husband and wife. The husband, the black dog, was so protective of his wife, he was allowing no one near her for a sniff!

I think we hung out for about an hour before Gordie starting doing his dominating thing and then we had to leave.

Enjoy the pictures! Click on the picture to blow it up.



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I've been working

HARD! Just wanted to show you all out there in retail land my desk! Gary didn't zoom in or anything but here I am at my desk entering orders. THAT'S 1 OF MY FAVORITE TASKS! Don't ask what are my LEAST favorite! I'll never tell! Or maybe you want to GUESS? Leave me a comment for your guesses! Maybe I'll get a laugh or 2. Finally NJ is having glorious weather! As you can see from the video ... my hair ... well all I can say is I'm having a GLORIOUS hair day as well! OK then, time to upload this blog! Please leave me a comment! I'd love to know what you have to say! Best, Jane

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Cookies

were a HUGE success! Emily just received the package of my famous decorated gingerbread cookies with frosting and candies. Over the years, I have amassed a giant collection of great cookie cutters! I even sent down cookies in the shape of New Jersey with a candy for S. Orange! I put in the big guitar shaped cookie, hearts (my all time favorite) and my new NECKTIE cookie! I just had to try out the necktie cutter -- so that at the next Trade Show they will be absolutely perfect! Em put her phone on speaker and the kids all thanked me. Plus, Em says I can bake ANY TIME! So in between picking orders and all the other tasks, I'll have to whip up some of my biscotti to send on down.

So...did you happen to see those drop dead gorgeous models on the homepage???? This magazine that Gary and a whole host of others behind the scenes, is going to be so terrific. Each editorial is PACKED with helpful information for everyone. And let me tell you, ALL the models...well forgettaboutit! The clothing Gary picked out and all our ties, well it really is a wonderful magazine that is timeless. I can't wait to see the end product -- which will be very soon! What perfect timing with the weather finally turning to fall.

And don't you know...we're already thinking of our next line of ties! It's never too soon to start -- it takes a lot of time to get the end result.

So please email me if you need a username and password to see the ties - or give me a call any time. I accept orders any time of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise I'll start taking more photos tomorrow! With all this heat and humidity...nothing was looking or feeling good!

Happy New Year!



Monday, September 10, 2007

Where is FALL?

OK, enough already with this heat and humidity!!!!!!!!!!!!! NJ is sweltering! Forget about "good" hair days! It's just too darn HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Some more backorder ties arrived early this morning. So I've been working on getting the orders all packed up and out the door.

Over the weekend, my daughter requested some cookies to be sent to her at school! Was I thrilled! I did not want to take it upon myself to just send the cookies without her approval -- you know I didn't want her labeled as MARTHA STEWART'S daughter -- ha ha -- like that would ever happen. So I baked up my famous gingerbread cookies and decorated them with frosting and candies. I have already wrapped the cookies and I forgot to take a picture to show you all my handiwork. I must say, Emily is much better at the decorating than I am, and I really missed having her in the kitchen yesterday. But just so you know, she called and said she has to keep pinching herself because she's that happy to be away at school. She loves her FREEDOM, the classes and most of all her new friends. We are all so thrilled because if anyone deserves to be happy it's our Emily.

Russ just finished his second day of Junior year of High School. He seems happy to be back and ready to do the work. This is a very important year for Russ -- all leading to college for him!

So on that note, I wish for cooler weather for everyone so that you can sell a lot of our fine neckwear in your stores and come back here or to me for re-orders! All our neckwear is up on the site -- so have a look and please make an order!!!!!!!! We appreciate all your business.

When I have current photos I will post them -- just haven't been snapping photos recently. Also, leave me a comment!



Thursday, September 6, 2007


Another September, another start of a fresh new school year. Our son goes back to High School tomorrow and our daughter is all settled into college and having the time of her life! I think it's everything she hoped it would be and MORE! We're thrilled!

Russell started his prep course for the SAT's. It's a big and important school year for him. Later this fall we must make some trips to tour some colleges. We're thinking we might head up to Boston. There are so many schools in that part of the country.

So on the TIE front -- we're getting all the Fall orders packed up and shipped out. As you know this website is perfect for re-ordering more ties if you cannot see your salesman. Just call or email me for a username and password and you can shop any time of the day. Our photos of the ties are the BEST and you can be assured your ties will come quickly!

On that note, I must check my oven for some peach pies I baked up for Russ for his first day of school. It's back to making the lunches for me! But this year, it's only 1 lunch to prepare!

Take Care and leave me a comment!

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