Friday, August 31, 2007

August 31st

Well it's been a long week for me and the Cahn's! EMILY IS OFF AT COLLEGE -- FINALLY! We had a great MOVE-IN! No lines, No hassles, it was ALL GOOD! But I must say it was a long emotional day as well as physical too. Lots of schlepping -- LOTS! But we got the job done and Emily is as happy as can be! The first day of school will be on September 4th and then the real fun begins.

So since move-in day was Wednesday I was so thrown off of my work. I then thought the rest of the week was weekend, but IT WASN'T! I did work VERY hard yesterday and today, but I plan to NO WORK THIS ENTIRE LABOR DAY WEEKEND! I need a break.

So as it turns out I will be watching Russ play baseball tomorrow.

We are all still getting used not having Emily around, but it's not been easy on me. She and I really spent a lot of time together and now I guess I have start thinking of things to do by myself. I might take a ride to my favorite knitting store and get a project going to be ready for when the cold weather comes. Knitting always makes me happy!

OH, and I plan on baking my famous gingerbread cookies with all the fancy decorations that I do to send down to Emily for her to make even MORE NEW FRIENDS! I'll be showing you pictures of those cookies after I get to baking. First I have to get to the market tomorrow to buy my supplies!



PS I made the quilt on Emilys bed. We've been planning that quilt for years and now she is finally using it!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Another Crazy Day in the life

of Jane! Woke up crack of dawn to bake my famous sour cream coffee cake, as we had a big meeting planned with our creative director and writer to finish up the small details of the magazine! But...I had to be photographing the last of the line of ties all instead of being in 2 places at the same time I did dinner prep early.

Shot the last of the ties in 4 hours came home just in time for the afternoon meeting and to start dinner. And you know what? It all worked out! Dinner was great, the meeting was great and now it's the end of a long day and I'm going to put my feet up.

Tomorrow I hope to take it easy for the last day home with Emily. She's now BEYOND excited to get into school and all the fun.

So until the next time!



PS I'll be sure to post pictures of the big move in!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Dinner

Welp, we had a dinner with my parents tonight to say good-bye to our Emily. It was bittersweet -- happy she is going off to college, but kind of sad how fast she grew up! Where did all the years go? So many events along the way -- but honestly, THE BEST IS YET TO COME! So now, all of Emily's friends are off at school and she is 1 of the last kids home! We've known since December 8th where she is going to college and we've had to WAIT WAIT WAIT! Tuesday night our car will be packed and crack of dawn Wednesday we'll be on our way.

So since I'm so UNDONE with Emily leaving, to calm my nerves, I've been working all weekend! I've picked so many orders! That kind of work -- productive work -- makes me feel good. So all you August orders...your goods are either out the door or will be leaving this week.

So now onto the NJ weather...not to be a complainer, but we've not had a full day of sun in weeks! Today the sun came out in the afternoon for a little while, but now as I'm typing and looking out my window it's all dark and gray again. This is no way for summer to slip away -- but what can we do?!!!!

On that note, I will close for today. Tomorrow is a full day of shooting the balance of the ties and who knows what else. I'm sure I'll have a full day -- I always do!



Thursday, August 23, 2007

29 More Private Stock

ties to be loaded up soon on our website! The rest of the line is coming from the airport tomorrow. Next week -- more photographing and then the entire line will be online. It will be terrific. Fill ins - new customers - you can get any ties by looking online.

OK, I'm starting to stress over the college drop off. I can't help myself. It's just me. It will get done -- always does -- just don't want it to be crazy! I looked on the college website and they had this big digital picture of what looks like 1 of those big mail carts at the postoffice. Well I guess that will be on the curb when we get our 10 minutes to pull over and unload our car! I think the Bed and Bath stuff will be more of a hassle. We called Bed and Bath earlier today to make sure our order will be ready for us next week.

You know what? We've known what school Emily was going to since December 8th. ENOUGH ALREADY -- IT'S TIME TO GO GO GO GO! I think Emily is starting to stress over the workload. She just received an email from her Bio professor. The mail said to enjoy your last days of freedom because everything will change. Seems like reality is starting to set in around here.

Me, I'm doing my usual -- just about EVERYTHING! I have to admit something. Emily went to a Life Guarding Awards Dessert last night and for the 1st time EVER, I bought an Entemans Cake instead of baking! I just didn't have the time -- well not really the time -- I JUST DIDN'T FEEL LIKE IT!!!!!! Em said it was all garbage there last night anyway.

So that's all for now. Still NO SUNSHINE IN NEW JERSEY...JUST GLOOMY, DARK AND NOW HORRIBLY HUMID DAYS! This is just NOT the way summer should end.




Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Welp if it's Wednesday it must be COLD, WET, AND DREARY OUTSIDE! Is summer gone for good? NAAAH this is just a weird blip in the weather world.

Today we finished up some more sets of ties to soon post on our website to purchase! We're waiting for another shipment to arrive any day with the FINAL SETS! YIPPEE!!!!!!!! Things are rolling along.

A magazine update...all the details are starting to get worked out. Our creative director is very excited with the cover shot...I never even saw it! I too can't wait to see how it came out. And if our creative director loves the shot...well it must be great. Many thanks to all the vendors who supplied such wonderful new Fall merchandise.

No time at all for baking today -- and I wasn't really inspired anyway. Baked goods just never come out so well on humid, dark days. Why waste the ingredients.

So that's what's going on today. I'll keep you updated on all the PRIVATE STOCK news!



Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

Who knew it was supposed rain so much in NJ today! OK, this rainy, cool weather is ENOUGH already. I think I need just a little more summer to make me happier.

Worked all morning photographing the 2nd half of the line. Still have more to go, but the photographer and I really got into the groove and got lots of shots finished! So tomorrow I'll be back doing that -- then doing the usual come afternoon.

Just did a liitle more packing/organzing for Emily. I FEEL SO WEIRD!!!!!!! I can't take it!

So yesterday I had a hankering for a piece of cheesecake...Yup, went out, got a few ingredients and baked up a little cheesecake but had to wait til breakfast to eat a slice. AND YOU KNOW WHAT???? IT TASTED GREAT! I'm sure Jane #2 is right when she said I'll be baking for Emily's dorm! I'll be sending down POUNDS of cookies for her and her friends!

I'm wondering if my sad mood is that summer is coming to a close and now it's time to buckle down again. Only I have been working up a storm...must be that my Emily is LEAVING me! Thank goodness for Email and IM'ing!!!!!!!

The dog was getting worried while we were packing earlier and he climbed into the duffles to make sure he was going along too!

More again soon!



Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Pinnacle Publication Photo Shoot

This past Thursday and Friday, Gary and I trekked into NYC with all the menswear clothing we had amassed for a few weeks to West 26th Street. The photo studio turned into a very upscale menswear showroom. 2+ racks of shirts, ties, sport shirts, jackets as well as 2 huge tables filled with cashmere sweaters, shoes, belts, TIES, pocketsquares and various other items for the models to wear.

Day #1 of shooting a whole mass of people came together in this great photo studio. Everyone from stylists, make up artists, computer techs, photographer ...but where was the MODEL? 8:30am passed, 9:00am passed, 10:00am passed and finally at 10:15 in walked this drop dead gorgeous Jarod. WORTH THE WAIT LEMME TELL YOU ALL!!!!!! HUBBA HUBBA!!!!!! He immediately got straight to work - dressing and modeling. What a fantastic job everyone did in that studio. Sheesh it's not easy making someone look EVEN BETTER LOOKING than when they walked in! I think they plowed through 10 shots that first day!

Day #2 8:30am and BOTH MALE AND FEMALE MODELS ARRIVED ON TIME! OK, how do I tell you this -- the second model, Trey, HE WAS JUST AS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS AS JAROD! Again, HUBBA HUBBA! Our Russell came both days for this photo shoot and I think he might have caught either the menswear business bug or the modeling bug. He watched all the goings on throughout both photo shoots. I think another 8 shots were done on Friday. I don't know the total as I came in for only the morning and had to rush back to NJ to ship out orders. Gary told me all afternoon he packed up mens clothing to ship back to the very generous vendors who supplied such gorgeous FALL merchandise.

I'm really impressed with our creative director too! He worked hard orchestrating all the pieces to make these 2 days flow. Now all the little details must get put into place so that this magazine can get printed and shipped all by the end of September. I think this publication is Gary's BEST TO DATE! I mean a lot of work has to get done before the final result -- but I have high hopes of the finished product.

So this is our Emily's last full week at home before the big college send off. We're going to start the big pack at the middle of the week. Oh I'm getting a little nervous -- so many of her friends have already left for school!

OK leave me a comment!

Have a great week!



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hot Sweaty Days

So today was another whirl wind of a day. I won't bore you with the details ... but a nice thing happened today. Gary was waiting for our UPS driver, Walter, to come and deliver the last bit of clothing for our photo shoot tomorrow. The package was not on Walter's truck but some other drivers. So Walter met the driver and was handed over the package and off he came to our place. Because Walter went out of his way, Gary asked me to wrap up the MAGIC BARS that I had baked the previous day. So we made the switch - we got the clothing and off Walter went with his Private Stock cello bag of MAGIC BARS. Later on when he came back for the PICK-UP of the shipments of ties, he said, "Jane, did you bake those treats -- because those were the best things I've ever eaten!" He said he saved a few for his family to try! That made me feel so good. I also sent down a bag to our Georgia offices -- and Carisse wrote to say, "The UPS driver has never seen me so happy getting a delivery!" Funny -- right?

Our creative director sent me an email that he wants Gary and I to get our pictures taken tomorrow at the studio to have for whatever needs we might have. I went into panic mode -- my hair isn't done and I feel like FATTIE MCBUTTER PANTS! I said maybe the photographer can photograph me from the chin up -- no on second thought from my lips up! Well it is what it is at this point -- but they do have professional hair and make-up artists -- and then again, there is always PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So on that note I will close for tonight. I'll surely keep you posted on the shoot and hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures up on the blog!



PS Our Emily purchased her college books on Amazon to get a cheaper price -- ha ha...don't even ask what 3 books cost. So Emily looked through her Spanish book that just arrived this afternoon. She says to me, "Mom I don't even know some of these words in the first chapter!". I told Emily -- well if you knew EVERYTHING what would be the point of going to college and us spending all this money if you already knew everything! Take a deep breath and get it through your head that you will learn and it will be fun and not to stress!!!!!!!! I think she's almost as intense as her mother!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer Time in New Jersey

So, no vacation time for the Cahn's. Things are heating up here in South Orange! We're still getting ready for the big photo shoot -- tomorrow is the last PREP day. Gary will be running around Manhattan getting the latest Fall Menswear for the models to wear. I can't wait to see how the shoot goes. I'm certain I will feel like FATTIE MCBUTTER PANTS hanging around those hip models, but well that's their career and not mine! No matter, I've a great family and job so WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!

This morning, Gary had to interview Ray Bourque for Giblees magazine that we publish. OMG -- it was so terrific. Gary had the phone on speaker, and I took the notes as Gary asked the questions. OK, you must ALL know what a GIANT SPORTS FAN MY HUSBAND AND SON BOTH ARE...well this was the TOPS for my Gary. He was so so nervous, but then calmed down as Ray answered all his questions. And what terrific answers we got! What a great gentleman Ray is. So down to earth and truly committed to his family and to his sport. He's a Hall of Famer -- don't you know!

Last night we had 1 of my daughter's friends over for 1 of our weekday meals - probably most peoples weekend Sunday night meals. And don't forget, yesterday I was up at the crack of dawn, baking, picking orders, running into NYC, back to NJ, picking more orders, preparing the dinner and even had time to exercise at the JCC! Yeah, maybe Jane #2 is right -- I could use an extra 10 hours in a day!

So I've got a load of orders for our UPS man, WALTER, to pick up this afternoon. I was whining at him yesterday at his truck wishing for WINTER. He looked at me and said I'm nuts, and to be happy with the sum-sum summer time. OK, I'll take his advise. This is the first summer I've no tan. I've no time to be outside! I kind of feel badly about that -- well there are still 2 weeks left. I might just have to take it a bit easy the week our daughter goes off to school. You know, I was thinking, all the people I know who went off to Washington DC for school -- never came back. I wonder if that will happen for our Emily? Well it is a long way off -- so no need to stress about that now.

OK I've gone on way too long for now. If I had the time, I'd stick some of my biscotti in the neckwear shipments...Only they might make the ties smell of almond or chocolate -- but they would be good going down when you received your orders. Let me know what you think? I could probably squeeze in time to bake up a few batches.



Monday, August 13, 2007

Another DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was my Dad Oz's 78th birthday. We went to my parents house for dinner and YUMMY CAKE!!!!!!!!!! Well it was only me and Emily, as Russ and Gary were at a BASEBALL TOURNAMENT. And...Russ's team won the tournament! They both came home so so excited.

Then we woke up today and had to pack up our car full of merchandise and drive the clothing into NYC to the photographer's studio. OK, I think I already told you, it's in MARTHA STEWART'S (OMNI MEDIA) headquarters! I had to ride the elevator 3 times and I kept SCANNING the elevator for my MENTOR - but she was not there! This building was humming! Well NYC is always humming! What a city. So anyway, we unpacked all the clothing and had a meeting with the creative director and 1 of the stylists. DOESN'T' THIS ALL SOUND SO FANCY/HIGH FA-LOOTIN! Well lemme tell you, it really was! I'm so excited to see the final product (the Magazine). It will truly be something upscale and TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the NYC scene it was time to head back to NJ and pick and pack some more orders.

Now it's quitten time and I must think about getting dinner started and on the table. I think tonight will be a chicken night. (so what else is new in our house). I only have 1 more pie left from the other night of baking...but I do have my MAGIC BARS -- some of which I sent down to Andy and Jane Mayer and some to our Georgia office.

So that's all for now!



Saturday, August 11, 2007

Emily leaving for college will be very

bad on my waistline!

Today, Gary and Russ went off for the weekend to play baseball and Emily went to her summer job as a lifeguard. So what about me? Well I did my usual Saturday errands. Big supermarket and back home to put it all away. So then what to do the rest of the afternoon? I took Gordie for a walk and then I came home and baked these pies. I'm starting to get into the FALL mode, so these pies are apple. Don't they look good? I think I should take up my knitting again...that will keep me from baking -- naah probably not, baking is just so much fun for me!

So that's all from here -- just lazing around cooking and watching the food network.



Friday, August 10, 2007

Rainy Days

OK so we are in New Jersey... the heat here has been intolerable! I mean it's been gastly hot and high high humidity. So today we wake up to torrential RAINS! And not just a drizzle, I mean RAIN RAIN RAIN! So what happens???? 6 cartons of ties show up! IN THE RAIN WE'RE SCHLEPPING CARTONS! Get them in, all sorted, settled, and sweated and late in the afternoon another trucker comes a calling and another 6 cartons come thru the door. Only this time it was only MISTING outside. Got those ties all sorted and settled and then I said QUITTEN TIME, IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!! But man do the ties look great!

So Gary and I are just back from our local Mexican restaurant. I had a margerita, Gary had a Corona and we both had the chicken frajitas. YUM YUM. Now we're back and just taking a load off. We have masses amount of clothing in our house getting ready to take into NYC for the big photo shoot next week! And did I tell you, the studio is in the same building as MARTHA STEWART'S HEADQUARTERS!!!!! I'm beyond giddy, but it is after all August, and for sure my Martha must be away and not in the hot city working. Oh well I can always DREAM of running into her on the elevator. Maybe I should bake up some of my biscotti just to have on hand incase Martha is in her office and I can hand over a bag of cookies to her! Wow, now I'm really talking silly!!!!!

OK then for now it's T.G.I.F. and I'm gonna watch some TV or something. Just played a game of SORRY and whooped the pants off my daughter!



Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What to do FIRST!

This week can only be described as gangbusters! Gary and our son, Russell, drove to Boston and back in 10 hours! (we live in Northern NJ). They drove up to see a store who publishes a magazine with us and to pick up clothing for the big photo shoot next week. We are busy gathering merchandise for the models! It's going to be very exciting. All day Monday we worked with our creative director and laid out the magazine pages. Well at least temporarily for now. Then Tuesday was the big drive to Boston, and today -- I started getting ready for the big pick of the Fall orders. I have lots to organize before the big job ahead of me. We also took stock and reordered some ties too! The days just fly by!

The time is ticking by quickly for the big college send off as well. The other night we spent 1 hour clearing out and trying to purge before we start packing! I am sort of still putting off this monumental task. Oh and we took a ride to Staples to buy some supplies to take to school as well. I'm also gathering as many Bed Bath and Beyond coupons as possible! My sister-in-law sent me a boatload in the mail! I need to have a coupon for each item we purchased and I think I have enough! OH I also started a college binder with all the important papers to go inside it.

So I guess that's all from steamy, humid, hot hot hot New Jersey. I'm a little sick of summer-- I can't believe I just wrote that. I'll be sorry when I'm freezing this winter!!!!!



Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gary's Home!

Just back from Newark airport retrieving Gary from the Charlotte show. He said it all went GREAT! EVEN THE BISCOTTI! Gary said where ever he went in the hotel, he saw empty Private Stock cookie bags! I also understand that my almond biscotti were a bigger hit than the chocolate. WOW that surprised me. So now you have to wait until January for the next sweets that I'm dreaming of baking!

Another big shipment is set to arrive some time this week. Lots of work ahead of me.

Here are some individual peach and blueberry pies I whipped this evening. I never even tasted 1 ... was too full from dinner. The kids said they tasted really really good. The fruit this time of year can't be beat! And WHITE JERSEY PEACHES are to die for!

OK take care and hope to hear from all of you soon! Come-on...please make comments! I want to know if you are enjoying my blogs!



PS The naughty dog is back at his house waiting for the dog sitter to pick him up. I never told on Webster...but he really tested my patience!

Our Naughty House Guest

will be leaving extra early today. Webster has been doing naughty things all while we are home! Who knew a dog could be so hungry???? Hopefully his bad behavior his not rubbing off on our Gordie -- ha ha!

Spoke to Gary down in Charlotte. He's doing very well and is there for today -- so all you retailers reading this and are nearby to Charlotte -- COME ON DOWN! The line looks great!

Time to find the house guest to make sure he's not in more trouble.


PS Our guest only ate 5 of the 6 rolls and left the last licked roll for us -- YUM!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Baby Sitting on Saturday Night

Our friends went on vacation and had a last minute problem with their dog sitter. Seems an unplanned event came up for the dog sitter and I pitched in for tonight! I think it might be a long evening!!!!!! Here are a few pictures of the dog being here for just a few hours.

Bye for now!


Friday, August 3, 2007

What a Week

Both Gary and I were up at the crack of dawn to get Gary to the airport to attend the Charlotte show this weekend. I like to make a hot breakfast for my husband since the airlines serve NO FOOD on short flights. So we've both been up for what feels like FOREVER! I held down the fort here in NJ while Gary worked the line at the Embassy Suites. I took a midday break with my kids and went out for lunch. Emily then ran to her life guarding job and Russ came home to mow our lawn and then hang with his friends. He's now on his computer involved in a Fantasy Football game (whatever that means). It is keeping him busy. All the lines are out to our salesmen and we're expecting another bulk shipment of neckwear next week. AAAH the fun is just beginning. While most people are vacationing, we're busy like bees! Gary and I are both so excited for this coming season and we can't wait to hear how the ties sell in the stores. I also received my next batch of my special plastic bags to wrap my biscotti for my customers. You never know...I might tuck in a small package of cookies with the shipments!

So have a great weekend. Our dog is having a summer overnight guest tomorrow night. I wonder how that will work out? Our Gordie is very territorial, but we'll see what happens.

Here are some pretty summer flowers. It was a real HOT day here in NJ today!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Business is percolating!

You know those lazy hazy summer days...well not here at PRIVATE STOCK MENSWEAR! Wow are we busy! Finishing up the magazine, getting all in order to start the Fall 2007 neckwear shipments, thinking of new ideas for the future -- we're just busy as all get out! This is a great thing as the days fly by! Although the only thing that is flying is the days left with my daughter before the big shove off to college! She's traveled many times throughout the years, but somehow going to college -- well it's just never the same after that. I mean, of course, Emily will come home, but I just know she's going to love Washington DC and probably want to stay over the summers. Well not to rush things...first things first she must get to school and start her Freshman year! Today, I checked in about an SAT and essay writing course for our son Russell. As a junior he will take the tests and we will start to tour college campuses with him! It's such a fun time and we can't wait to see where he'll end up going to school. Of course he has hopes of playing baseball where ever he goes so we shall see. His fall baseball team is just starting up again and I have to take him to his first practice early Saturday morning. I will drag my Emily with me to keep me company! We'll have to bring magazines and books to read - and of course our chairs. Hope it's not too hot but it is after all August.

I will close for now. I think I'll knit and try and finish a sweater I started way too long ago. Not like me not to finish up a project quickly. Guess I'm really not loving this sweater. Sheesh on such a hot night, it's hard to think of cool nights. They will be here before we know it.

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