Thursday, September 27, 2007


So as I've been gushing on and on about our daughter going off to college and how happy she is...well as a Freshman she was just published as the LEAD article in their college newspaper this morning! Emily was asked to attend the Kalb Report with guest speaker Katie Couric held at the National Press Club in Washington DC. What an honor for our FRESHMAN daughter! Emily was thrilled and awed by Katie Couric. In fact she called me as soon as the event was over on her way to the METRO to head back to school to write the article for her MIDNIGHT deadline. Emily said the kids on the school newspaper couldn't believe she got the chance to write article for the paper as a Freshman. So since she did so well on this article, she was asked to write another. She is writing about the eating situation at school and how it needs to be changed. Lets hope this article gets published and something happens to remedy the situation.

SO since my blog title says revenge, I'll tell you where this comes to in to play. Junior year of HS the kids who wanted to write for the school newspaper as seniors had to write an article and see if they were capable of the task as Editors. This particular school year they had WAY too many kids for spots on the newspaper. Our Emily got REJECTED for a position for TYPE-O!!!!!!! So you know what I just did????? I emailed her HS teacher the newspaper article she just wrote. Lets see if the teacher writes me back. I couldn't help myself, nor am I "over" my grudge (1.5 years later!)

Gary is a stressed out bundle of nerves...The Pinnacle Publications, THE NY METS LOSING, TIES TIES TIES..hmmm what else?? Oh yeah, TOMORROW GARY HAS A MILESTONE BIRTHDAY! So if you can, please give our Gary a call tomorrow and wish him a Happy Birthday! That will surely cheer him up.

I've run on a bit so I will close for now.

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ozkaroscar said...

Hip Hip Hooray for Emily Cahn!!!!
Lead storyn in the GW paper was great. Might be seeing Emily on TV soooon. Making mucho denero!!!! Keep the 'good news' coming.

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