Friday, July 6, 2007

Testing out my baked goods

Tomorrow, my daughter is going away for a week to michigan to visit a friend she met last summer. As a thank-you gift I baked my Double Chocolate Walnut Biscotti. These are some of the cookies I'm planning on bringing to the Haberdashery Show! Emily is going to be staying in a town called North Port where Mario Batali has a home! If the Batali family is in town, then Emily and her friend will be babysitting for his children! That will be so COOL if it happens! You want to know something else that's funny? Mario's wife's last name is also CAHN! Maybe we're related some how????

Tomorrow, Russell has a double header in Nutley, NJ -- home of Martha Stewart (my mentor). Today, Russ washed all of his catcher's equipment so it will ready for the games.

I will close for now.

Enjoy your weekend.



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