Sunday, July 1, 2007

JULY 1st!

Can't believe it's JULY 1st and talk of the All Star baseball game coming up! WOW! Must mean summer is almost half way over. Today my daughter and I did the Bed and Bath shop for college. Can you believe these days all you do is, go to your nearest Bed and Bath store, point to an item and scan it and you go to the store nearest to the college and pick up your items in August! It's called pack and hold! HUGE BUSINESS for them, but so convenient. So now the whole family can do the college drop off!

We also went to our local dog park with our best dog Gordie! We enjoy going to the park and seeing all the cute dogs and seeing our dog interact.

Just gearing up for the work week ahead.

Looking forward to hearing your comments!




Anonymous said...

HI Jane:This is my first blog.Thanks for your patience.Have a great July 4th. See you soon.Here goes!!!!! Jane #2

Gary said...

Jane #2
Make sure you take care of your crazy husband. And tell him to bring a bottle of Dewars 12 to NYC. I want to toast to our success this fall....
Have a great 4th of July
Gary C.............
The Tiemaker

Bill said...

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Bill M.

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