Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm all ready to bake!

Today I made all the dough for all the biscotti I'm sending down for the Charlotte Show for our sales reps Jane and Andy Mayer and Floyd Nathan! If you want some cookies......go see our sales reps and make an order for our great neckwear! Gary will be coming down on Friday morning to work the line as well! I'm making almost twice the amount of cookies for this coming weekend! I have alot of work tomorrow, baking and wrapping. But I really enjoy being in my kitchen.

Yesterday was our dog, Gordie's, 11th birthday. He had a great day!

So that's all my news for today!




ozkaroscar said...

gordon is one handsome guy! happy birthday gordon...i'm getting my old 450sl fixed so i can drive it. it will look like new at the end of next week! going to be a very Hot day today. keep COOL...

Anonymous said...

Wow.All day I have been thinking about what your kitchen must smell like.I can't wait to get to Charlotte for a lot of reasons but believe me when I tell you that Biscotti from Jane's kitchen is way at the top of my list.Neckwear is way up there also. Received the samples and swatches and all I can say is WOW.Gary did it again. What a beautiful presentation.Can't wait to show our stores at the Charlotte show.Anybody reading Jane's have an open invitation as always to the Mayers in 401 & 402.Come have fun eating and buying and visiting. Even Gary will be at the party.See you in Charlotte. Jane #2

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