Tuesday, July 31, 2007


OF BISCOTTI TODAY! 13 POUNDS! I'VE NEVER EVER BAKED THAT MUCH IN MY LIFE! Not even for all the bake sales for my kids schools! Well the cookies are all packaged and on their way to Charlotte. Hope the UPS driver doesn't smell the carton and want to open the carton and take a few!!!!!!

The baking took up much of my day, but in between I got a few salesmens lines out the door as well as entering more orders! We're constantly thinking up new things to put on our website and our cool postcards. Look for new stuff coming soon soon soon!

Come now, I want to hear some of your comments on my blog! How else do I know if you are reading it and enjoying it!

More later.



PS The picture is of Jane and Andy Mayer ...and that is who has the 13 pound box of cookies! Go see them in Charlotte in Room 401 -- and please make an order while you're at it!

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