Monday, July 16, 2007

Getting down to it!

Monday is over and it was action packed. We organized all our forms to display the shirts, ties, and bows, and the merchandise we want to schlepp into NYC to the Warwick Hotel. We have really great merchandise this Fall 2007 season!

Just now, I made all the biscotti dough to be able to bake the cookies off on Thursday. I cannot believe the mess I made in my kitchen! I didn't take pictures of that because it was not a pretty site! I also can't believe the amount of flour, sugar and eggs I went through! Good thing I bought a 10 pound sack of flour on this week's food shop!

I will close for now. I'm reading this great book written by Al Gore's daughter, Kristin, named "Sammy's Hill". This fictional story is about a 20 something woman, working for a Junior Senator set in Washington DC. I also just received my August Issue of Martha Stewart Living with hydrangea's on the cover. I don't know what to read first!

I'll have my camera at the show, so get ready to be snapped and you might end up on my blog -- for sure we will post all the photos on our website. Speaking of our website, you must check it daily - between all the new ties being uploaded, new pictures being posted, and my blog -- well there is lots to read all the time.



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