Thursday, July 5, 2007

After July 4th

Well July 4th has come and gone. We had crummy weather here in the Northeast. So the fireworks went off in the rain! We did not go down to the park in our neighborhood, but stood on our front porch to see fireworks in the sky and keep dry! No BBQ for the Cahn's this year because it was just too wet.

So today it was back to work. It was strange having a day off in the middle of the week. The new NINE FOLD swatch cards came in this morning and I was busy making up the line. WOW are they gorgeous!

On that note I'm posting a picture of my peach pie I baked for the 4th. It tasted so so good!




Anonymous said...

HI Jane: Am really enjoying watching your progress on your blog. Know that your faithful SE sales team is anxious for the doorbell to ring and bring us the results of your hard labor.Since I had trouble with our first blog comment I want to try agian. Gary did such a great line last season we are psyched to get going this season. We can't say too many great things for fear of making his head swell but.....Go Gary!!!!Jane....we never thought we'd be working for a neckwear line with an in house Martha Stewart but this is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!!!Do you think you could start Jane's recipe book? Recipes from all of our customers and friends? Jane #2

Gary said...

Jane #2
Thanks for the kind words and yes my head is swelling. Not from you kind words but from a bad sinus infection! (LOL) The problem with all thse baked goods is how to stay away from them and not get fat. I am now a 42L and do not want to be a 44L and a 38W. Got to stay slim.
Look forard to seeing you guys in NYC.
Gary C :)

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