Thursday, July 12, 2007

53 Sets Photographed 55+ to go!

Day 3 and we finished up photographing all the ties that came in last week. Now it's onto the new 9 fold ties! We captured all the new rich colors and dazzeling designs for Fall 2007. As soon as I get some photo files, I am going to post a few pictures here on the blog.

A week from today our little mini booth will be all set up and our pencils will be sharpened on the mezzanine level of the Warwick Hotel. Bring a cup of your favorite coffee to sip while tasting my home baked biscotti. You won't be disappointed.

No baseball games today for Russell. My husband and son don't know what to do with themselves as we had a huge rain storm/rain out last night -- and the weather prediction for tomorrow is not promising either! But the good news is, Gary's college friend got our family the best seats at SHEA stadium for Sunday's day game. YIPPEE! I haven't been to a game in many years! Should be a fun day.

Can't wait to hear your comments and see you at the Warwick!



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ozkaroscar said...

Tis early AM here and all is well. I am going to the Antique Car Show at J&R Tobacco tonight with my 450SL. Have to get it washed and shined up. Tonights 'theme' is 'The HOP' - the DJ from WMTR will be playing 50's music. It is broadcast live from the show. It is a nice event. My car gets 0 attention. People like the OLD Corvettes and 50's Chevy's.

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